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we've gone all out

Fully configurable

Karen is fully configurable on a per-guild level for maximal convenience. A nice webinterface for this is currently pre-alpha. Stay tuned!


Forget Java and MySQL. Karen is written in Golang and stores your data in a RethinkDB cluster to achieve the highest possible performance.


Armageddon is coming and you need a cat gif to restore the world peace?
Thanks to auto-sharding and load-balancing Karen will always be by your side.

Musicbot! \o/

Miss your musicbot after switching from TS3? Karen is able to play music from any popular website right in your voice-chat.

Free to Use

Nobody should have to pay for entertainment. Donations are always welcome though ;)

Open Source

Is your tinfoil-hat burning because of privacy concerns? Go to GitLab and check yourself. We don't track anyone. Ever.

Got stuck?

Let's solve your problems together!

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We don't bite!
You're also free to join and talk with us if you don't have problems :)

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Silently open an issue on GitHub and pray that nobody notices you.

The classy way

If you don't trust these weird techie communication platforms write an email to lksbrr@outlook.com
I usually respond in 1-3 working days.